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Central California Society for Human Resource Management (CCSHRM)On July 18, Holly Carter spoke at the Central California Society for Human Resources Management (CCSHRM)luncheon. Her presentation, “Are You Prepared for a Workplace Crisis?” was designed to provide employers – and HR professionals – with real life workplace crisis scenarios. Holly shared examples of crisis scenarios for the well-prepared business versus the unprepared business, and stressed the importance of crisis communication plans. Download a PDF version of her presentation here.

We have posted a few extra example videos, as well as a free download of our Crisis Communications booklet below. Thank you to everyone who attended – we hope you came away with the drive to prepare, because it’s not if a crisis will hit, but when.

Some businesses are their own worst-case scenarios

Public Apologies - Examples of the Right and Wrong Way

Above: A Good Apology. Below: The Worst Apology


The Justice Department video on what to do in case of an active shooter.


Not everything is what it seems.


Holly will be presenting at the national Streetwise Summit in Alexandria, Virginia from September 10-12, 2017. The Summit is conducted by Interise, a  national network of thriving businesses, community development organizations, government agencies, anchor institutions, instructors, and business experts. It is attended by business experts and CEOs from around the country. Get more information here…

Holly is also one of six finalists for the national Impact Award. The Impact Award is given to an Interise alumni business owner who has demonstrated significant impact through the growth of her business and engagement in her community. Holly has also been invited to speak at the Interise Streetwise Summit in Alexandria, Virginia in September. Take a second to vote, and share this info on social media. Let’s show the rest of the country that Fresno and the Central Valley always turns out to support our small business leaders!

Active Shooter/Threat Training


We are holding a free workshop in September for business leaders to teach them what to do in case of a crisis, including an active threat/shooter situation. These leaders will be able to take this information back to their workplace and we can continue the work of making ourselves and our community more able to defend against violence.

This training will include Active Shooter/Threat Training which allows the attendees to experience a crisis simulation. Space is limited to the first 100 business owners and leaders who respond. Date and time TBD.

We are able to offer this training free of charge due to the participation and support of the trained experts who are our community partners.

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More info to come